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Where we dined in England

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

River Exe Cafe- Exmouth - Excellent seafood in a creative setting

Elmar and I lunched at the River Exe Cafe which we had discovered through a review by the telegraph naming the best beach cafes in southern #England. We were able to take Nikhil with us which is rather unusual for England. There is a short boat trip to get to the restaurant which is in the middle of the water. There is a GBP5 charge per adult for the round trip. We ordered oysters and a seafood platter to share. The quality and freshness of the seafood was evident and the service friendly.

Loch Fynne Grill .- #Portsmouth

We ate at the bar as dogs are not allowed in the restaurant. However, the staff made us feel very welcome and took care of every wish immediately. The foofd was very good and creative. We had the #Devon crab and some starters all of which were great. They prepared good iceed teas as well.

Goto Japanese - #Plymouth

We dined at this restaurant (which does not allow dogs) and were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sushi. It is prepared fresh and so takes a while to arrive but is well worth the wait. Prices are high for Plymouth as far as dinning out is concerned but not high for sushi.

The Harbour Seafood Restaurant - #Plymouth

We stopped by spontaneously for a light lunch. We shared a seafood platter which was well put together and sufficient for two. The service was extremely friendly and helpful. The restaurant has many options for families and reasonably priced menus as well and the staff is very helpful.

The Seaside Boardinghouse - #Birdport

We happened upon the Seaside Boarding house and were very happy with our decision to eat there. The staff was very friendly and the menus creative and well prepared. The location is beautiful.

Fifteen Cornwall - #Newquay

We dined at the restaurant and had high expectations due to the fact the Jamie Olliver is behind it. The first course was so salty we had to send it back and we found a piece of shell in the second course. Overall after the issues were correct the food was alright but at GBP89 for a menu, we have eaten far better elsewhere. Service was friendly and we do understand that the staff is young and learning. However, the first thing every chef tells you is to taste before sending a dish out!!!

Porthgwidden Beach Cafe - #St.Ives

The staff was very friendly and pointed the seals swimming close by out to us. We would not have noticed them otherwise. The food was well prepared but not as good as I had expected after reading some of the reviews.

Polpeor Cafe- #Lizard

We shared a fisherman's platter and some onion rings. We tried the berry Cider as well. Both were excellent and the food very freshly prepared. The quantities were large enough for two and the service very warm and professional. The views are spectacular. I recommend a visit to this most southerly cafe of Englnad.

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