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Social Distancing? - EnSpaZe is the answer.

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Even when observing social distancing , we were able to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland and continue to work from our EnSpaZe.

Our company H2 Consulting AG specialises in advising individuals and companies on mobile/remote work and travel and supplying the systems that enable this in the area of enterprise governance. EnSpaZe, our mobile office is our way of showing the practical application of our advise and systems and has been very well received.

Even though we started H2 a couple of years before the current social distancing rules were implemented, there was already a lot of interest in what we do. We will be launching two new products this year in the remote/mobile enterprise governance area and have several meetings lined up with companies who are interested in implementing these systems.

The current situation globally has encouraged companies to think about alternative approaches to working. More home office or remote access possibilities for their employees are approaches that are gaining in popularity. Additionally, teams who have been used to flying around the world and auditing or conducting compliance assessments onsite are now forced to work from Switzerland with teams located around the world. Our systems facilitate this in an agile environment and we believe that this is an idea whose time has come.

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