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Picturesque Bergen

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

We decided to take the ferry from #Denmark to #Norway, more precisely from #Hirtshals to #Bergen. We traveled by the fjordline ( and took the overnight journey. The trip takes over 16 hours and as we had our dog with us we thought it would be easier for him. Though pets are not allowed in the cabins, there is a dog hotel with a small area for them to relieve themselves. We were able to visit Nikhil a few times during the trip and he seemed very comfortable. As a tip, I would recommend booking a larger box size than you think is necessary. The boxes are relatively tightly packed in the dog hotel and this will give your dog more distance from neighbours if necessary. All boxes cost the same when we traveled so we opted for a large even though a medium would have been sufficient. As we traveled during the last week of September, neither the ferry nor the dog hotel was particularly crowded but I am sure it looks different if travelling in summer. Duty free on board the ship offer a large variety of specialties, luxury goods and clothing.. It is an excellent opportunity to stock up on alcohol which is extremely expensive in Norway. We bought some groceries as well and were glad when we saw the Norwegian prices on arrival. Norway is as expensive............

The ship arrived in Bergen after breakfast and docked pretty much in the centre of town! This is great for sightseeing, however finding a parking spot for a large vehicle is a huge challenge. Norwegian police are fond of writing parking tickets for the smallest of offences, so it pays to follow the rules strictly. We drove away from the centre and were able to find a parking spot opposite a beautiful Norwegian church which looked as if it was from a Christmas card. We were able to visit the town centre by public transport which was very convenient. The UNESCO world heritage town of #Bryggen with #Hanseatic Wharf on one end and palatial mansions on the other is a beautiful sight to behold on a sunny Day. Though Bergen has the reputation of being one of the worst weather cities in Europe, we we lucky and had three beautiful sunny days to enjoy the city and all it had to offer. (

Bergen is the #Fjord capital of Norway and offers a variety of tours and day trips to the two major fjords which are easily accessible using #Bergen as a base. We were in our expedition mobil/mobile office and were able to to drive through some of the most #beautiful #scenery I have ever seen. We stopped to cook or work at the most wonderful spots and were able to find places to stay overnight after a bit of inquiry and investigation.

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