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England's Beautiful Coast Line

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Southern Coast


During the months it took to build our mobile office, we had been looking forward to our maiden journey along the beautiful southern cost of #England. When we finally sett off in September 2018, we were very lucky to have one of the best autumns ever for that part of the world. We traveled from #Dover to #Cornwall and found dozens of beautiful spots to enjoy. Though the journey through the narrow country roads is sometimes stressful, our vehicle being just 2.2 m in width made it through most roads quite comfortably. Occasionally when bottle necks did prove a challenge, our fellow motorists were very accommodating. I guess travelling off season has more than one advantage! We were able to enjoy all the most beautiful tourist spots without overcrowding and restaurants were still open in most towns and villages.

The southern coast of England offers natural beauty with historic interest and architectural charm. As a result one is never bored or tired as the possibilities to go for long walks or visit towns, museums or just enjoy an English tea are numerous. We usually spent a couple of days in the country followed by visits to towns like St. Ives or cities like Plymouth and this proved to be the right rhythm for us. However, we found that we had been a bit too ambitious with our route planning and had packed too much into the one month we had for the trip. If you have never visited the southern coast of England before, we recommend a total of 2 months if travelling from Switzerland. Though distances are not great once you get to England, the, narrow winding country roads tend to slow you down. We recommend the country roads as opposed to motorways as the views are spectacular and finding a spot to stay overnight much easier.

We highly recommend this route which we think is a great maiden voyage for those setting off on an adventure with their new vehicles, unsure of how they would like to approach this new lifestyle, This route offers all modern convenience and still is beautiful and charming.

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