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Christmas in Bergamo

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

We spontaneously decided to visit #Bergamo for Christmas and had a wonderful time there. Bergamo is divided into an upper and lower town. The old town at the top of the hill is just the right size to investigate on foot. We decided to climb up with our dog in tow and this took us about a half hour. Most people opt for the funicular A day ticket costs €2.5 and affords you travel all day on the various sections of the funicular. The tickets is well worth buying as it saves a lot of time and the views are beautiful.

Once we arrived in the old town atop the hill, we strolled around to the strains of Christmas carols which could be heard on all of the main streets. This along with the wintry weather and the Christmas decorations on all streets and in shop windows created a wonderful atmosphere. People were strolling around taking in the varied architecture and soaking in the Christmas spirit.

The Piazza Duomo is very charming and the Cathedral itself quite spectacular.

There are several restaurants offering a variety of food at reasonable prices. At lunch fixed price three course menus are also available and are well worth a try.

Shopping for Italian specialties is a real treat. The shops have the most wonderful displays and excellent quality products. Bread, cheese, pasta, pastries, gelato all prepared with a flourish and a treat for the eye and the palate.

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