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What is EnSpaZe?

EnSpaZe stands for an enterprise space which is different from the traditional one, therefore spelt with a "Z" instead of a "C". It is also a relaxing creative area which is why we have highlighted the three letters "Spa" - a place of well being. As each of us has been working for almost 3 decades in varying environments we have gained a lot of experience which has helped us create EnSpaZe.

EnSpaZe is both a physical work area and a suite of software tools.

The Physical EnSpaZe is in our case our expedition mobile which we have had built to our specific requirements so that we may travel and work. It is our mobile office space. Having used our EnSpaZe for almost two years we have finally found a name for it- EnRiCo.

The software tool EnSpaZe at the moment consists of a suite of enterprise governance modules. Risk management, internal control system, internal audit, case management and control testing.

this suite of tools will be launched in Q3 2020 and enables teams to work in a flexible collaborative manner from home, office, mobile office or overseas offices. It is an agile collaborative experience, combining intuitive interfaces with communication through chats, videos, secure in tray and document management systems.

To learn more about our software tools please visit our website at H2

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