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Stunning "Crestasee"

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Lake #Cresta, known in Switzerland as "#Crestasee" is a magical mountain lake.

This small lake is famous for its clear water and is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The lake is located in a small woodland clearing and offers a walking path which reveals gorgeous views of the lake from different angles. Lake Cresta is situated high above the Rhine gorge at an altitude of 844 metres and is only accessible on foot from nearby parking lots or for those who like some light exercise, from the towns of Flims and Trin.

Cooling off and taking a dip in Lake Cresta is the perfect ending to biking and hiking tours. In the summertime, this natural swimming lake reaches temperatures upto 24 degrees Celsius and is a favourite spot for families to spend a day out. There is an entrance fee of CHF7 for adults and CHF3 for children between the ages of 3 and 16. The fee is collected by a staff member who comes arounds twice a day. There is a snack stand which is open in summer and through September and half of October as well. Visitors can hire boats at the stand and enjoy a short tour of the lake. Fees range from CHF10 to CHF23 depending on the type of boat and the duration of hire. A nearby guest house offers accommodation for those who wish to stay in this beautiful place a little longer.

We visited in late October and parked at the nearby parking lot. A small parking fee is payable at the parking meter. The water was too cold for a dip but an absence of swimmers is the reason we were able to capture this stunning view. We walked all around the lake following the magical pathway. Nikhil our constant companion and 4paw nomad really enjoyed himself discovering all the treasures of the lake and forest. As there are very few people visiting the lake in Autumn and the colours are stunning, it is a great time for photographers to capture the beauty of the area. In summer the water and all the activities associated with it maybe enjoyed in the company of many other families and is great for kids. However, the nearby parking lots can get quite full in summer.

This is one more beautiful spot we have discovered due to COVID "forcing" us to travel in our beautiful country instead of internationally as we have in the past. We were able to work from this location as well as the mobile network offered us 3 to 4G access and our software systems offered us the ability to collaborate with colleagues and clients seamlessly.

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